What is the aim of ‘A Walk in Edinburgh’?

‘A Walk in Edinburgh’? aims to help give folks a deeper understanding of the city, whether local to Edinburgh or not. It builds upon the ideas of 1960s writers such as Jane Jacobs and William H. Whyte, and the poet and environmentalist, Wendell Berry, who states: ‘If what we see and experience, if our country, does not become real in imagination, then it never can become real to us, and we are forever divided from it... Imagination is a particularizing and a local force, native to the ground underfoot.’

What does this mean specifically here?

The emphasis of ‘A Walk’ is on local and more focused aspects of the city, as opposed to more general views. These are tours that should have some interest for both local and global walkers. The guides for the walks are drawn from all backgrounds including storytellers, scientists, professional guides, academics and people who just have a real passion for a particular topic! In fact, what all the guides share is passion and a drive to tell their stories, and bring to life in your imagination the localities in which they walk.

Will the group sizes by big, and how long and demanding are the walks?

Group sizes are small (6-12 maximum generally although the Burns and Burns and Stevenson tours can be expanded to 30 people), the guide fitting the group size to the type of tour and their style, and with the guide always being sensitive to the local people of the areas in which the tours take place. Walks take generally from one to three hours and are up to 4 miles in length at their longest (with one exception which is in development – the Seven Hills of Edinburgh walk – which is a whole day and a 15 mile demanding hike!)

In 2017 'A Walk in Edinburgh' is working with the Monkey Barrel Comedy Club on a series of free events at 1pm every Thursday, see the Walk in Edinburgh facebook page for further details.

‘A Walk in Edinburgh’ is operated by Serenity Scotland Ltd. www.serenityscotland.co.uk, a tour operator based in Edinburgh that has been organising high quality private tours since 2003. This is their first departure into small group walking tours. The website has been developed by a local web design company, Dialogue Web Design (highly recommended by ‘A Walk in Edinburgh’)